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IMWA Meetings

audienceIMWA organises a Congress every 3 years and Symposia between the Congresses. In addition, IMWA co-organises other Congresses or Conferences and participates in the organisation of other mine water related meetings.

At each IMWA Congress or Symposium peer reviewed or edited Proceedings volumes are produced. Click the menu entries on the left to see the contents of those IMWA Proceedings. Printed copies of the proceedings are available through our partner Curran Associates Inc. IMWA members get a $US65 discount when ordering proceedings from there.

IMWA’s next Congresses and Symposia

imwa2014_header 12th IMWA Congress 2014: Xuzhou — China (2014-08-18 – 22)
ICARD IMWA 2015 10th ICARD | IMWA Conference 2015: Santiago de Chile — Chile (2015-04-21 – 24)
IMWA Conference 2016: Leipzig — Germany
· 13th IMWA Congress 2017: Morocco
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News Flash

IMWA and the China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT) in Xuzhou/China signed a Memorandum of Understanding about future co-operation. In addition, CUMT explained that they are interested in hosting the IMWA 2014 Congress.