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“Mine Water and the Environment”

Volume 11, Number 4, December 1992

PDFMulenga, S. C., Fernández-Rubio, R., Leon, A. & Baquero, J. C. (1992): Estimation of Quantitative Water Inflow from Different Sources in Konkola Mine, Zambia. - Mine Water and the Environment, 11(4): 1-22, 16 fig.; Wollongong.

PDFWilliams, R. E. & Kirschner, F. E. J. (1992): Hydrogeological Evaluation of a Prototype In-situ Leach Cell in Unsaturated Lead-Zinc Mine and Mill Wastes. - Mine Water and the Environment, 11(4): 23-33, 7 fig.; Wollongong.

PDFMandzic, E. H. (1992): Mine Water Risk in Open Pit Slope Stability. - Mine Water and the Environment, 11(4): 35-42, 10 fig., 1 tab.; Wollongong.

PDFFletcher, T. (1992): Drilling Exploration Boreholes Beyond 4000 m in South Africa. - Mine Water and the Environment, 11(4): 43-52, 3 fig.; Wollongong.

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Not all mines produce Acid Mine Drainage or Acid Rock Drainage - in many cases the drainage water quality is very good.