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IMWA Meetings

audienceIMWA organises a Congress every 3 years and Symposia between the Congresses. In addition, IMWA co-organises other Congresses or Conferences and participates in the organisation of other mine water related meetings.

At each IMWA Congress or Symposium peer reviewed or edited Proceedings volumes are produced. Click the menu entries on the left to see the contents of those IMWA Proceedings. Printed copies of the proceedings are available through our partner Curran Associates Inc. IMWA members get a $US65 discount when ordering proceedings from there.

Each IMWA meeting and co-organised meeting offers special subscription rates for IMWA members. Those subscription rates are substantially cheaper than the normal conference fees. Subscribing as an IMWA member before an IMWA conference therfore might save you or your employer a lot of money. To become an IMWA member, visit the “Membership | Payment | Statutes” link on the left navigation panel.

IMWA’s next Congresses and Symposia

ICARD IMWA 2018 13th IMWA Congress 2017
“Mine Water & Circular Economy”
Rauha/Lappeenranta – Finland (2017-06-25 – 30)

ICARD IMWA 2018 11th ICARD | IMWA Conference 2018
“Risk to Opportunity”
Pretoria — South Africa (2018-09-10 – 14)

Welcome To South Africa from WolkeMedia on Vimeo.

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Mine Water is the single largest waste stream in the world – IMWA members ensure that this Waste is managed in an environmentally friendly way.