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Which graphic types do you prefer?

Depending on the graphic type, they must be in one of two principal graphic versions:

  • Pixel Graphs in TIFF (width at least 1000 pixel, enlargement of smaller figures will not help to improve the figure quality. In case they are too small, we can’t publish them),
  • Vector (Outline) Graphs in EPS or PDF. Suitable drawing programs are: Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Freehand (Macromedia), Open Office Draw, or Inkscape.

Please don’t use JPG-Format, as those graphs usually reproduce poorly! The image at the right shall demonstrate the differenc between Pixel and Vector (Outline) files. Here is a summary of common graphic files and how to use them

High Quality File Sample

High Quality File Sample

high quality file JPG compressed file
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Mine Water can be used as a drinking water resource in many countries of the world. Very often, no treatment is necessary.