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M-WINE Mine Water Interdisciplinary Network of Europe

M-WINE Mine Water Network meeting Lausanne  In June 2002, the M-WINE (Mine Water Interdisciplinary Network of Europe) inaugural meeting was held in Lausanne/Switzerland with IMWA’s contribution. Originally planed as a Mine Water Pollution workshop to initiate an interdisciplinary network of geoscientists and microbiologists, the meeting caught up with a European Union’s call for Expressions of Interests relating to the 6th EU Framework Programme.

  72 scientists and PhD-students from 13 European countries came together for 2 days in Lausanne. 27 talks were presented, covering a broad range of special case studies and detailed scientific questions. Prior to the meeting, a 3 day short course about “Biogeochemistry of Mine Water Formation” was held, gathering 35 participants.

  Not meant to be a real scientific workshop, the event gave the speakers the opportunity to present their work and facilities as well as interests in front of an interdisciplinary audience. Both days gave enough time to intensively discuss the structure and further progress of the M-WINE network. Finally, according to the EU definition of Networks of Excellence, the Network now gathers approximately 250 participants from 19 European countries.

  The network’s goal is an open interdisciplinary forum of all scientists working on Mine Water issues in the broadest sense and it is open to everybody in this field. If the EU will accept the topic as a priority, it might be financially supported in the 6th EU Frame-work Research Program.

How to become a member  Kurt Friese, Magdeburg; Chris Wolkersdorfer, Freiberg/Saxony; Germany


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News Flash

IMWA and the China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT) in Xuzhou/China signed a Memorandum of Understanding about future co-operation. In addition, CUMT explained that they are interested in hosting the IMWA 2014 Congress.