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“International Journal of Mine Water”

Volume 6, Number 2, June 1987

PDFGupta, R. N., Mukherjee, K. P. & Singh, B. (1987): Design of Underground Artificial Dams for Mine Water Storage. – Int. J. Mine Water, 6 (2): 1-14, 4 fig.; Budapest.

PDFConnelly, R. J. & Ward, A. D. (1987): Optimising Dewatering Costs on a South African Gold Mine. – Int. J. Mine Water, 6 (2): 15-25, 6 fig., 1 tab.; Budapest.

PDFAdamczyk, A. F., Lesniak, T. C. & Motyka, J. (1987): Origin of Nitrogen Compounds in Water Infiltrating into Porphyry Quarry, Zalas, Southern Poland. – Int. J. Mine Water, 6 (2): 27-36, 3 fig.; Budapest.

PDFXu, D. (1987): Mine Water Control in China's Karst Aquifers. – Int. J. Mine Water, 6 (2): 37-48, 8 fig., 1 tab.; Budapest.

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